Sofa Dust Mite Cleaning and Sanitizing Service

Dust mites are found at places where we shed those cells: mattress, sofas, carpets, curtain, pillows, cushions, clothing and soft toys, etc. At iCleanbed, we strive to promote healthy household living with affordable prices. We use the most up-to-date vacuum from the USA, together with the UV light (type C) over the mattress to kill microorganisms, bacteria and dust mites, to ensure your furniture reaches its most cleanliness.  

Sofa Water –based Deep Cleaning Service (Stain Removal)

This method aims to remove the stain or spill on the fabric, which is a water-based cleaning system. We suggest this method to the customers who have a strong wish to remove the stain. We will use the professional water pressure cleaner, it is a water based cleaning system, the water pressure will ensure your furniture pieces are cleaned very deeply inside (not just the surface), together with our chemical free foam, to remove the dirt and stain on the fabric.