How do we remove dust mites?


1. Testing

Demonstrate the quantity of dirt that your naked eyes won’t be able to spot. We do that with a piece of black clothing stuck at the vacuum tube. You will be surprised to see in a few seconds how dusty it has become.

Applying UVC

2. Applying UVC

Apply UV light (type C) over the mattress to kill microorganisms, bacteria and dust mites. This will stop eggs of dust mites from breeding in future. This is the first step before the deep clean.

Deep Cleaning

3. Deep Cleaning

This is the time for our powerful equipment imported from the US to come into play. We will start the vacuuming process on both sides of the mattress, making sure that every corner will be deeply cleaned. You will see the water of the container covered by a layer of blackness that include the microorganisms mentioned earlier.

Double Cleaning

4. Double Cleaning

We will pour clean water into the container and repeat step 3. Now you will be able to see that the amazing cleaning result – the water will remain its transparency and purity.

Air Purifying

5. Air Purifying

We will help you purify the air in the room – this is a value-added step and the disinfectant we use is chemical-free and imported from the US.

Real-time cleaning procedures